Rush: Evening

D'Vine at Jacks

Evening Menu

Now well into our second year here in Rush & we couldn’t be happier with our newest menu. Of course with every new menu, we have a new addition to Jacks memoirs. If you have been following Jack the Bachelors progress, we hope you like this. For those of you who haven’t heard, our restaurant is located at one of the oldest thatched cottages in Ireland, which was once the home to the famous Rush legend, an Irish Robin Hood if you will, called Jack the Bachelor.


There was some panic when the shiphand started shouting
He’d jumped higher than last nights waves & moved faster than I’d ever seen him work
It seems he has mistaken cooks steaming pot for a stool!
Panic has now averted to comedy and fools.

An incident that matches the feeling of this day, there seems a jovial attitide on deck
A new year, a new time, new possibilities & most of all new thoughts of our homes.
For Bernard & his new born son, who still he’s yet to meet
And Cathals eager to start his life with soon to be his bride.

For this is Cathals last voyage with us, and he’s seen more than most
He claims he saw a burning fish, and a ship sailing in the sky
But that was after many a toast, theres damage to his eyes.

Today is January 19th. Just 12 days left to Rush
The sea is calm, the sky and stars have morphed themselves to one
Cook has fixed the steaming pot, tonights recipe has ale
The mood remains high beneath the stars, with fine and merry tales

Also Check out Jacks tea time menu starting at €21 euro for two course and €26 for 3 course, available Wed-Fri evenings. (Call us for details as this changes weekly)