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Now well into our second year here in Rush & we couldn’t be happier with our newest menu. Of course with every new menu, we have a new addition to Jacks memoirs. If you have been following Jack the Bachelors progress, we hope you like this. For those of you who haven’t heard, our restaurant is located at one of the oldest thatched cottages in Ireland, which was once the home to the famous Rush legend, an Irish Robin Hood if you will, called Jack the Bachelor.

September 19th

Rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated
The swift gathering rumbles of negativity that are cast around my ship have saddened me deeply
These troubled voices, echo the chaos within my heart
Have the men given up hope, have I?

A sickness struck deep at my being,
And even deeper still, the thoughts that some of us might not see shore,
Nearly stripped me of the will to carry on, or service the needs of those who I live for.
My mind is now an ocean of its own, my body’s not a vessel of my being!
And I’m confused, cast out, contorted with disbelief!

Its each man for himself it seems, and rightly so.
If we are to reach our landfall, we each must hold our own.
I’m lucky in my quarters, but what of the men
I hear the screaming down beneath, from the pain that’s stricken ten

While I know we are just a half day out, but at what cost will those hours be?
The tears of overwhelming pain, on my face could flood this sea!
And some of us will last it, some of us will fall,
But all of us will ne’er forget this thing that struck us all.

And so this day I’ll state that my demise seemed close, but the will to see a way to carry on,
Will well outweigh the will to die.

October 15th

I’ve risen from a chaotic mind. I feel fresh today.
My last entry seems a lifetime ago!
We lost our oldest mate, the man from whom I learned my trade,
That sickness was his fate

We’ll honour him on old Samhain, 31st of this month
When Rush & all the faitful crew will set aside a plate….

Also Check out Jacks tea time menu starting at €20 euro for two course and €25 for 3 course, available Wed-Fri evenings. (Call us for details as this changes weekly)